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February 21st, 2022

Good morning!


I had a moment of amusement when I pulled this oracle this morning and since I know this was my Guides and maybe a Spirit or two from Positive Vibes busting me I figured I would share.

I have been having a serious issue with my anxiety lately, as I think many people have. In the past I would hide that but in recent years I've come to discover being open about it helps others and since I'm in the business of healing here I am.

Anyway. Yesterday with the help of Tracy and her ear seeds I took a step toward getting a grip on my inner world. In doing so we got into a conversation about control and our ability to control what we react to. Some of you might not be surprised to learn I am reactionary; I've worked on it a lot (universe help those who dealt with me in my teens/early 20's) but I'm still a work in progress. My lovely co -practitioner was giving me a dose of reality and I railed against what she was saying some. Made excuses, got a little annoyed.

Woke up this morning, pulled that card and call me humbled. She isn't wrong, in fact she is 100% correct. We control what we allow to bother us. We control our reactions or lack thereof. Remember that you have the reigns in your own life.



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