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I had a few readings with Alyssa and they were all so spot on! She knew details about family members and incidents that had happened earlier in the day that she would have no way of knowing, without her gift. I have recommended her to several family members and she didn't disappoint. She makes you feel like you're talking with a long-time friend and she genuinely just wants to help people. Highly recommend!

-Erin D. 

Alyssa has a beautiful gift and was spot on with everything during my reading, my brother, and my mother’s reading. This definitely gives you a different perspective with life, in a very warming, calming way.

-Alexandra G.

Absolutely loved my reading. Alyssa walked me through all of my thoughts and worries before I even mentioned anything and she was so spot on.

-Amanda H. 

I started my year off with a reading. I highly recommend it. My reading reaffirmed a life changing decision I'd already made, gave me things to consider, and opened up areas I hadn't previously explored but now plan on pursuing. I have the page starred so it comes up first in my feed. It gives me something to look forward to and focus on. Alyssa truly cares about her clients and it shows.

-Angel G. 

I've known Alyssa for a long time, and she's always been deeply intuitive, practicing tarot in her own life and for friends and family. The readings she gave me always provided insight and answered questions I didn't know I had.

-Sarah G.

She was amazing, dead on with what i was going threw without knowing a thing! definitely going back for another reading in a few months!

-Erika T.

Alyssa is a beautifully gift soul!! I highly recommend her. My reading was so on point to everything that is happening in my life right now. A few of my loved ones who passed also came through and it was so good to hear from them. Thank you so much Alyssa!! I can't wait for my next visit with you!!

-Kate K.

Alyssa is highly intuitive and extremely sensitive soul! You will not find anyone more Honest or True! I've known her for over 10 years and I she is absolutely remarkable!

-Darcie H. 

Had a tarot session and she was spot on I recommend her. She’s very lovely and professional.

-Balamia F.

I went to a reiki session, and it was amazing. I felt at peace and revived. Alyssa also did a reading and she was very helpful with everything I had questions about. I will be a repeat customer !

-Tarin C.

wonderful, generous, caring, there are not enough words. cannot go wrong here.

-Holly S.

Alyssa is a wonderful and gifted individual. I went for a reading and she was amazing! Without any prompting from me she was right on the money.

-Diane W.

I had the pleasure of taking a Tarot reading class with Alyssa. It was such a thorough informative class & we all had so much fun! I definitely walked away with a new appreciation for tarot. Thanks again!

-Kayleigh E.

Alyssa is a very honest and ethical card reader and channeler. I have had many sessions and always am impressed with her talent.

-Iris R. 

Alyssa is unbelievably gifted and passionate about her work! I was blown away with how accurate she was. I received so much healing and clarity during and after my channeling/tarot session, that I honestly can't wait to go back!

-Karen S.

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