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Frequently Asked Questions 

1.) How do I make an appointment? 

Appointments can be made by contacting me through call, text, email, Facebook messenger or through filling out the form on this website. 

2.) What is your availability? 

I book appointments on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. In person sessions are run at Soul Shine and start an hour after open and end an hour before close. Zoom sessions are more flexible. Sessions are first come first serve and I try and work with what days and times typically work for you.

3.) Can I bring someone with me?

 I have no issue with someone accompanying you to a channeling or card reading session. As long as you're comfortable with discussing whatever may come up. If the extra person wants to be read as well, then there is an additional fee or they need to make a separate appointment. No extra person may come for Reiki. 

4.) How often can I make appointment? 

Different sessions have different recommended time limits in-between sessions. For card readings and channeling I suggest 6 months between sessions. Reiki is typically done every 4-6 weeks or as often as you feel you need.

5.) Why 6 months for cards and channeling? 

I put this time in-between these sessions for a few reasons. Simply, time does not move the way we want it to, things take time to move and unfold, healing takes time. Additionally, I have learned that there are some folks who end up relying on this kind of work instead of learning to rely on themselves or follow proper mental health/medical procedures. I put these limits in place to protect my clients and myself. 

6.) How long after someone passes should I wait to channel?

This answer has changed for me over time. Dying takes energy and our loved ones need some time to settle. I currently suggest three months in-between death and channeling.

7.) Should I bring anything to a channeling session?

You are more than welcome to bring items from a loved one to a session, if you want to tell me about it you can but you don't have to. I do not typically handle items. 

8.) What should I do before a session?

All I ask you do before a session is try to relax. The more open and relaxed you are for any session the better everything will flow. 

9.) What forms of payment do you take?

I take cash and card payments.

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