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Metaphysical Consult

In the time that I have been working in the holistic and metaphysical/paranormal space I have found that often people have questions beyond what my sessions offer in terms of time. I have discussed the idea of the planes of existence between us and our deceased. Explained to people how to ground and shield, walked folks through what is going bump in the night and how to handle it. I have entered homes and removed entities and explained what is happening to Spirits here in this plane and I have told others how they can clear their homes.  

What this has shown me is a need for an offering where people maybe don't need a particular session but instead need someone to help them with what they are experiencing. Here we sit down and talk about the metaphysical or paranormal experiences you are having or questions that have come up for you. I offer my input as a working Medium, Reiki Master and Folk Practitioner to help you through my own knowledge and experience or by pointing you in the direction to find those who can. 

Phone and virtual sessions available!
Must be 18 or over.

 Legal Disclaimer

Information that you may receive from any services, communications, or consultations rendered with Alyssa Cost-Byrne, Healing in the Cards, LLC, are for personal or educational purposes only and not intended to, nor should ever, take the place of any legal, medical, financial, psychological or other professional advice. Alyssa Cost-Byrne, Healing in the Cards, LLC, will not accept responsibility for any decisions that are personally made or actions taken by anyone based upon services, consultations, or communications received. The decisions, actions, and the consequences of the actions are solely your responsibility. You agree to completely hold harmless and indemnify Alyssa Cost-Byrne, Healing in the Cards, LLC, from any and all liabilities and expenses.

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