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Channeling : About


In a channeling session I am working with my own Spirits and Guides to bring forward the Spirits of those connected to my client. Through that connection I am able to pass on messages from the deceased as well as tap into what could be going on with those living and the client themselves. Channeling is a way to find closure in loss, aid with grief and gain guidance.

In a channeling session I will engage with those departed that choose to come forward. It is a free will universe and I will not try to force any Spirit forward that does not wish to come. I cannot promise any one specific loved one will present themselves but I can confidently and truthfully say that the folks who come forward are always doing so for a reason.


60-minute sessi0n.

Each additional attendee is $50, maximum two additional attendees.

Phone and Virtual sessions available!

$50 deposit due at booking.

Must be 18 or over.

 Legal Disclaimer

Channeling sessions are for entertainment purposes only. Information that you may receive from any services, communications, or consultations rendered with Alyssa Cost-Byrne, Healing in the Cards, LLC, are for personal or educational purposes only and not intended to, nor should ever, take the place of any legal, medical, financial, psychological or other professional advice. Alyssa Cost-Byrne, Healing in the Cards, LLC, will not accept responsibility for any decisions that are personally made or actions taken by anyone based upon services, consultations, or communications received. The decisions, actions, and the consequences of the actions are solely your responsibility. You agree to completely hold harmless and indemnify Alyssa Cost-Byrne, Healing in the Cards, LLC, from any and all liabilities and expenses.

Channeling : About
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